Do You Buy Records?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for well cared for LPs and are always interested to hear from people who have collections to sell. We focus more on albums rather than singles, but if you feel you have singles of interest, just CONTACT US to discuss further. 

Do You Take Part In Record Store Day?

As we do not have a physical shop, we are not eligible for RSD. We do sometimes get supplies of titles after the event, when exclusivity on remaining titles is lifted. We usually take RSD as a day off!

Do You Have Any (insert artist here)?

Quite possibly. The easiest way to find out is to use the search function on the site or CONTACT US as the site only shows the tip of the iceberg.

Are You A Physical Shop that I can browse?

Not at the moment. Online only for now. Sorry. The store operates from non-retail premises in Winsford that is not set up for browsing although orders can be collected BY APPOINTMENT. 

Why is the same pre-owned item available at different prices?

This is likely to be due to the condition of each copy varying. Please check listings. If we have multiple copies of an item, we may place a copy or two in our 'cheapies' section too.