CITIZEN - Calling The Dogs


CITIZEN - Calling The Dogs

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Label: Run For Cover

Release Date: 06/10/2023

Notes: Brown Vinyl / CD options

Calling the Dogs is an album that opens looking inward and closes looking outward. It's an album that considers the people we become as a result of the people that surround us. It marks a new era of the band not only in personnel, but also breathes new air thematically. It's a record of self reflection, as well as one that exercises anger in a matter more direct than ever before. 

Channeling artists like the Ramones, Violent Femmes and Bloc Party, Calling the Dogs feels like a new chapter for Citizen. Songs like opener "Headtrip" and lead single 'If You're Lonely" grip like signature Citizen songs infused with a new energy and infectiousness by producer Rob Schnapf. Like their 2021 album Life In Your Glass World, there's a clear influence of NYC garage rock revival on songs like "Hyper Trophy" and the groovy "Can't Take It Slow."  

But Citizen is never lets a single mood stay for too long on Calling the Dogs - across the record there are moments of pop bliss, punk aggression and standard Citizen meloncholy. Drawing upon their personal experiences and collective musical prowess, Citizen has crafted a record that pushes boundaries and challenges the listener to explore their own emotional landscapes. 


Side A

A1. Headtrip

A2. Can't Take It Slow

A3. Hyper Trophy

A4. If You're Lonely

A5. Lay Low

A6. Needs

Side B

B1. Bad Company

B2. Dogs

B3. When I Let You Down

B4. Options 

B5. Takes One to Know One

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