**PRE-ORDER** FRANK TURNER - Undefeated - Vinyl LP


**PRE-ORDER** FRANK TURNER - Undefeated - Vinyl LP

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Label: Xtra Mile Recordings / Orchard

Release Date: 03/05/2024

"Do One" is the last song I wrote for the new album, and the first song on that album, as well as the first single. So it's a summation of what I'm trying to say with this record, a record about survival and defiance, but also one with a sense of fun and self-deprecation. 19 years into my solo career, I'm still standing up and putting out some of my best work. It feels good." "Undefeated" is my tenth solo studio album, and in many ways I'm pleasantly surprised by that statement. I feel very fortunate that I'm still making records and touring - fortunate and proud. The record is fired by that feeling, and a new sense of energy and liberation. It feels like a new chapter for me - after the pandemic, back in the independent world, the new lineup of the Sleeping Souls, and a slightly bewildered sense of gratitude that I'm still standing, still have something to say. - Frank Turner


1. Do One 

2. Nevermind The Back Problems 

3. Ceasefire 

4. Girl From The Record Shop 

5. Pandemic PTSD 

6. Letters 

7. East Finchley 

8. No Thank You For The Music

9. The Leaders 

10. International Hide And Seek Champions 

11. Show People 

12. On My Way y

13. Somewhere Inbetween 

14. Undefeated

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