MARK KNOPFLER - One Deep River - Double Vinyl LP


MARK KNOPFLER - One Deep River - Double Vinyl LP

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Label: EMI

Release Date: 12/04/2024


1. Two Pairs Of Hands

2. Ahead Of The Game

3. Smart Money


4. Scavengers Yard

5. Black Tie Jobs

6. Tunnel 13



7. Janine

8. Watch Me Gone

9. Sweeter Than The Rain



10. Before My Train Comes

11. This One’s Not Going To End Well

12. One Deep River


'One Deep River' is Mark's sixth consecutive studio album to be recorded at his British Grove Studios and his first since 2018's 'Down The Road Wherever.' When Covid restrictions eased, Mark reconvened at BG with longtime band members and collaborators such as Guy Fletcher, Danny Cummings, Richard Bennett, Glenn Worf, Jim Cox and others, with the addition of first-time contributor Greg Leisz on pedal and lap steel and acoustic guitar.

Says Mark of the new album, which he co-produced with longtime confidant Fletcher: "It was back to the old-fashioned idea of a band making a record together in the room, which maybe in the more youth-oriented side of the industry has become quite rare, because everyone uses loads of technology. We do too, but what we do is we combine the old and the new. If it works, I use it.

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