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  • This is a pre-order with a release date of 4th February 2022
  • Your order is anticipated to be with you on or just after this release date.

Slightly more than one year has passed since we debuted the Cardiff-based duo Plastic Estate's first single This Place and we all know what happened meanwhile. But if you thought the global pandemic discouraged the Welsh boys from pursuing their research for an evolution of pop music from the past, think again.

Quite the contrary, it seems that these past months of forced isolation and necessary restrictions only empowered the ability of the band led by Nicholas James and Stanley Fouracres to compose great songs perfectly in balance between dark, melancholia and happier, brighter feelings. Or maybe their love for the best UK new wave and pop artists such as Dave Gahan, Ian McCulloch, Bryan Ferry is just too tough to die. However that may be, Plastic Estate have masterfully used this year to write their first full-length album and we at Avant! couldn't be happier to bring it to you on 4 February 2022.

Ten new songs that shine a light on the duo's impressive skills to juggle between the heritage of lost golden era and the pressing presence of the here and now, as well as electronic dance elements and acoustic instruments, ending up sounding classic and contemporary at once. Not an easy task, if you ask me. Check out Out of Reach and its crystal clear synth-pop radiance, or one whirlwind dancefloor filler such as There Must Be More Than This, juxtaposed with the romantic intimacy of Berlin or Divinely Impaired's elegant sombreness. Dive into the imaginary mémoires of a Sophisti-pop era with Antique Days and then resurface nowadays with the hypnagogic club notes of The Difference. We can even feel some Stone Roses-like vibe in the album's last track Change Your Mind but maybe it's just us. What's for sure is that if you liked their 7-inch single you will love their album. If you don't know this group yet but you righteously adore the artists above, do yourself a favour and take a good listen now and you will not be disappointed. 

Not in the least, as it is this rare to stand in the exact spot where you have a full view of the days behind you and the complete control of the moment you are in.

Track list:

  • A1. Open
  • A2. Out of Reach
  • A3. Divinely Impaired
  • A4. Antique Days
  • A5. When You're Gone
  • B1. There Must Be More Than This
  • B2. Sins
  • B3. The Difference
  • B4. Berlin
  • B5. Change Your Mind

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