**PRE-ORDER** ROY BUDD - GET CARTER Soundtrack - Expanded - Double Vinyl LP


**PRE-ORDER** ROY BUDD - GET CARTER Soundtrack - Expanded - Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Beatball

Release Date: 21/06/2024

- 180 Gram 2LP expanded edition. Black and Green Blue variants. 

- Newly illustrated artwork by Tony Stella.

- In-depth liner notes by Charlie Brigden.

- Limited to 2000 copies each worldwide.


This is the soundtrack to Get Carter (1971), the all-time classic British gangster flick starring Michael Caine and directed by Mike Hodges. It became the bridge by which jazz musician Roy Budd successfully expanded his horizons to film music, with a score brimming with moments of his genius. 

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film's opening, we drew on the original Japanese (1971) and British (1998) OST releases to put together an expanded edition of the OST - including a bonus disc featuring various different outtakes and bits of dialogue.

This is the 3rd installment in Beatball's series of Roy Budd Classic Soundtrack Scores, packed with a jazzy (and groovy) score done in Budd's signature style, as well as key lines of dialogue for you to relive the scenes from the film!


Get Carter Intro; Dialogue “Is There A Mr. Carter In The Room?”; Main Theme - Carter Takes The Train; Dialogue “Do You Know A Man Called Albert Swift?”; Looking For Someone; Dialogue - The Race Track; Something On My Mind; Dialogue “Who Killed Frank?”; Gettin' Nowhere In A Hurry; Dialogue “Tell Me About The Girl”; The Girl In The Car; Dialogue “I Fancy You”; Love Is A Four Letter Word; Dialogue “You're Lucky. They Kill As Well”; Living Should Be This Way; Dialogue “All It Takes Is One Call To The Police”; Manhunt; Dialogue “Drink Up: Eric”; Goodbye Eric + Dialogue; Dialogue “I Want You To Listen Very Carefully”; Hallucinations; Goodbye Carter!; Get Carter (Alternative Mix 1); Plaything; Dialogue "Stay Away From The Car"; Hallucinations (Alternative Vocal Mix); Dialogue "Do You Wanna Go To The Toilet, Albert?"; Gettin' Nowhere In A Hurry (Instrumental); Love Is A Four Letter Word (Alternative Mix); Manhunt (Alternative Mix); Dialogue "You're A Big Man"; Get Carter (Alternative Mix 2); Gettin' Nowhere In A Hurry (Alternative Vocal Mix); Hallucinations (Instrumental); How About You; Get Carter (7" Single Version)

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