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Label: Madfish

Release Date: 14/07/2023


During the last five years of his life, ex-Bonzo Dog Band solo artist Vivian Stanshall, was working on a final album of music to follow up his much-loved 1981 album 'Teddy Boys Don't Knit', which featured classics such as 'Terry Keeps His Clips On', 'The Cracks Are Showing' & 'Ginger Geezer'. Stanshall had spent his time in the 1980's working on his 'English Comic Opera in the Grand Tradition' Stinkfoot, which first ran at the Old Profanity Showboat in Bristol Harbour in 1985, with a later revival in London. He had also found success writing material with his friend Steve Winwood, co-writing the title track to 'Arc Of A Diver', working on Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells 2' (he had been an integral part to the original 'Tubular Bells' as the narrator) & various advertising campaigns including 'Lemsip', 'Cadburys' & most famously 'Ruddles Beer'.

For a considerable period, Vivian had wanted to record & release another rock album & had been collecting songs as far back as the 1970's. With money he earned from his advertising work, he funded various recording sessions & had interest from a major record label, but sadly he tragically died in a fire before an album could be completed.

The twelve tracks on this album are taken from a selection of sixty or so finished or nearly completed recordings on the tapes left by Vivian Stanshall, as his hitherto unpublished legacy.

Andy Frizell (The Wizards of Twiddly, The Coral & Kevin Ayers) is a musician & producer who worked with Vivian briefly in 1994. Using the surviving recordings, he has pieced back together Vivian's final album adding where required, the missing instrumentation but, at all times, paying reverence to the original vision. The collection includes the Beefheartian monster mash blues of 'Dog Howl In Tune' - also the title track - as well as the wistfully melancholic 'No Time Like The Future' on an album that wears its heart fully on its sleeve. It is by far the most biographical album Vivian ever made & draws on songs from 'Stinkfoot' & other projects. 'Goodbye Mother' is the poignant last song from the project 'Shackleton', based around the exploits of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, which never saw the light of day whilst 'Boy In Darkness' was written by Vivian for a project with Steve Winwood - Winwood's version yet to be released.

Musicians include Jack Bruce (Cream), Ollie Halsall (Pato), Susie Honeyman (The Mekons), Neil Innes & Rodney Slater (The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band), Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth) & others.

'Dog Howl In Tune' is available on Madfish on CD & LP.

LP Tracks: 

Dog Howl In Tune ( 04:29 ) / Made Of Stone ( 04:28 ) / I'd Rather Cut My Hands ( 03:28 ) / A Good Woman ( 04:08 ) / Goodbye Mother ( 02:25 ) / No Time Like The Future ( 02:57 ) / Strongth ( 03:42 ) / Gecko ( 02:08 ) / Landing On My Feet ( 03:02 ) / Only Being Myself ( 04:01 ) / Boy In Darkness ( 04:49 )

CD Tracks: 

Dog Howl In Tune / Made Of Stone / I'd Rather Cut My Hands / A Good Woman / Goodbye Mother / No Time Like The Future / Strongth / Gecko / Landing On My Feet / Only Being Myself / Boy In Darkness

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