The RvR Stash Feature!

I've always hated spending money on postage when shopping online. There's nothing worse than having an extra charge to pay added right at the end, especially when it adds a lot to the cost.

So...RvR has the stash system allowing UK buyers to avoid shipping charges altogether.

All customers need to do is accumulate £50 of orders over time. There is no time limit and orders can be as small or as big as you like until £50 is reached.. 

All you need to do is

1. Select your items

2. Go to checkout as usual

3. Select 'STASH' from the postage options which removes postage charges

4. Checkout the item as usual via Card Payment, Paypal or Klarna. (Items are only stashed once the item price has been paid)

5. Your items are held here until sufficient further orders are placed to reach the £50 threshold.

6. Stashes below £50 can be shipped on request - they will attract our standard shipping rates.

7. Stashes can be held for longer on request, but our standard procedure is to ship ASAP once £50 is reached.