KENT - Isola - English Version Double Transparent Yellow Vinyl LP


KENT - Isola - English Version Double Transparent Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: SONY

Release Date: 22/04/2023

Notes: Vinyl

kent – the English albums to be released  on vinyl

1994 BMG Sweden signed five young boys from Swedish small town Eskilstuna to the local RCA label.

The band – kent - had just moved to Stockholm and were building a reputation as one of the most interesting new bands around at the time. With influences from British shoegaze and indie bands mixed with Swedish lyrics, they got plenty of hang-arounds and started to be the talk of the town.

After signed to BMG, kent released their first single early 1995 with their self-titled debut album to be released later in March. The critics loved the album and the band and sales were really good for a debut act. They started to sell out clubs and everyone felt that this was the beginning of something big.

A year later 1996 the follow up album “Verkligen” was released and it went straight into #1 and the success was a fact. After that, all their albums in their career that were released went straight into number one selling more than 3 million units in total and becoming the most successful band in Sweden winning 23 Grammys. 

Kent released 10 albums for BMG and Sony between 1995-2010. They went to Universal and released 3 albums and then came back to Sony with their final album “Då som nu för alltid” 2016. They did an exceptional sortie with their last tour 2016 and since then their fans dream about a re-union.

In 2015 Sony Music Sweden released the 10 albums as Legacy vinyls and they ended up at 1-10 in the Swedish vinyl chart. An unbeatable record. Since then a couple of more kent vinyl editions have been released and have topped the charts.

For their 3rd and 4th albums “Isola”(1997) and “Hagnesta Hill”(1999) they tried to establish the band outside the Nordic region and both albums were recorded in English as well. The albums were at the time only released on CD and cassette and did pretty well in many countries in and outside Europe. Now finally, it’s time to release the “English albums” on vinyl for the first time.

The albums will be released worldwide on April 22 - Record Store Day 2023 

Double 180 gram vinyls in coloured versions. There’s extra tracks on the English albums compared to the Swedish ones.

Isola Track-listing:


DISC 1 - LP - Side A

1             Lifesavers    

2             If You Were Here    

3             Things She Said    


DISC 1 - LP - Side B

1             Unprofessional    

2             OWC    

3             Celsius    


DISC 2 - LP - Side A

1             Bianca    

2             Before It All Ends    

3             Elvis    


DISC 2 - LP - Side B

1             Velvet    

2             Glider    

3             747 (We Ran Out Of Time)    

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